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Let's Go LLC is owned and operated by Allie Gahagan (Moschetti), CPDT-KA.  Allie has always been passionate about training and working with animals.  Her experience with dogs includes training and competing in agility, rally, and obedience, leading a 4-H dog club where she was able to share her love of dogs and training with youth, raising guide dog puppies, volunteering at a local animal shelter, working with guide and service dog organizations, and teaching group training classes and private lessons. Through her role as a puppy raiser, she was able to handle many dogs with varying temperaments while helping to train and prepare them for their work as guides. In addition to her experience with assistance dogs, Allie has worked for the SPCA with a variety of dogs in a shelter environment.  Allie has invested a lot of time learning about dog training, canine behavior, temperaments, and body language.  She believes that learning is a life-long pursuit and is committed to continuing her education. She is certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and is always looking for opportunities to increase her knowledge and experience.  She is the Founder and President of Anchor Assistance Dogs - a non-profit service dog organization that provides trained service and facility dogs to children and adults with physical disabilities.  For more information about this organization please visit www.anchorassistancedogs.org



In addition to dogs, Allie has experience working with horses and parrots.  She grew up riding horses, and has adopted and trained a wild mustang.






Allie enjoys teaching pet owners about dog behavior and positive training techniques.  Her goal is to help owners build rewarding relationships with their dogs by teaching them how to communicate effectively, and giving them the tools they need to achieve their training goals.  She enjoys the challenge of working with a variety of different breeds and temperaments and problem solving in training.  

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Teaching Dogs  -  Learning should be fun and enjoyable for people and dogs.  My training methods are humane, force-free, and emphasize reward-based positive reinforcement techniques that create a trusting relationship and a stronger bond.  Dogs have different temperaments, strengths, and weaknesses just as we do.  Training is more effective and beneficial when we recognize that and can adjust our approach based on the needs of each individual dog.  


Educating Owners - let's go will teach you how to train and provide the direction your dog needs through benevolent, kind leadership. In addition to training, providing enough physical and mental exercise is vital to your dog's well-being and to good behavior - I'll help you find options that will work for your dog and your lifestyle. I want your training to be successful; I strive to provide excellent customer service to my human and canine clinets alike.